Porquê uma app para o seu evento?

Why have a mobile event guide?


Engaged Participants

A mobile app really changes the way information is presented to your guests. By making your event information interactive, searchable and up to date, you create the conditions for successful and engaging events.

Two-way communication

Bringing your event to your participants’ pockets means a direct communication channel between you and your guests. Cloud Guide enables you to send real-time messages to participants’ devices, while giving them the opportunity to provide valuable feedback about your event.

Real-time content

Printed event material is expensive and ineffective. A digital mobile guide gives you the opportunity to constantly update your event’s information, making sure that your guests are always up to date with what’s happening.

Porquê o Cloud Guide?

What makes us different?


One App, all languages

You might be hosting an international event, but would like to give your guests the alternative of using the app in their local language. Cloud Guide allows you to define all your content in more than one language, and lets users switch between them.

Featured Content

If you want to call special attention to one specific session, sponsor or exhibitor, Cloud Guide will not let you down. We’ve thought the solution from the ground up to embrace featured content. This will not only let you manage user’s attention, it also allows you to build your own business model.

Downloadable Resources

Whatever PDF resources might have been created for your event (abstracts, presentations, speakers’ CVs, you name it), your future app can deliver them at the touch of a finger. Setup your general resource listing or associate a resource to a specific session or exhibitor, and let users find out more about it.