Interactive Programme

With Cloud Guide, your sessions are not only searchable by time, name, type or location, they are also fully integrated with the rest of the content in your guide. Navigate from a session, to its location or its speaker’s information, and quickly learn which sessions start within the next hour. Don’t just read. Interact!

Interactive Venue Maps

Interactive Maps Venue maps are essential for the participant’s orientation in an event. Cloud Guide’s interactive maps pinpoint the location of every session and every exhibitor, allow zoom and search in a touch-based experience that let users explore your event’s venue wherever they are.

Personalized Agenda

Event participants value the opportunity to build their on plan on what sessions they would like to attend and which exhibitors they would like to visit. Cloud Guide allows users to add any session, poster or exhibitor to their own agenda.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Exhibitors and Sponsors are also important stakeholders. Not only does our solution allow you to include them in your app, it makes it possible for them to have their own area, where they can give detailed information about their business, or attach resources and links.

Feedback & Questionnaires

Did your participants enjoy the event? Which sessions did they value the most? What could be improved? By offering ‘in app’ feedback mechanisms, Cloud Guide pro- vides tracking your participants’ preferences and opinion, giving you the tools for continuous improvement between event editions.

Offline usage

Often, event venues are not the best place for 3G or WIFI connections. Participants can get frustrated as they are forced to go offline and can’t access the event’s website. Cloud Guide takes your event information offline.

Just download once, and don’t worry about the rest. 

Integrated Search

Making your information digital has its perks. Cloud Guide offers an integrated search area that allow users to search your entire event, from a single search box. An essential area that your participants will certainly value, for quickly looking up any keywords related to sessions, speakers, exhibitors, etc.

Multi-Device, clean, intuitive interface

Cloud Guide is available not only for smartphones, but for tablets as well, for both iOS and Android 4.1+. While the smartphone fits into the user’s pocket, the tablet experience allows for more complete view of the guide.