Access anywhere

Our cloud-based CMS allows you to access your guide’s content from any PC or tablet. Building a guide is often a team-effort, well distributed in time, that’s why we’ll provide access for up to 4 users to manage the content online, anywhere.

Intuitive Interface

The Cloud CMS is organized in a clean, functional and intuitive interface that allows you to not only update your content easily but also reflects the guide structure on your app, so you know exactly what you’re doing.  


Real-time updates

Often, building your guide’s content is an iterative process. If you get new data about speakers, exhibitors or virtually any content within your app guide, Cloud Guide allows you to update that content and notify the users that new content is available, encouraging them to quickly update their event information with a touch a  button.  

Your Guide, Your Language

The guide for your event should be in the language you choose. Cloud Guide was built from the ground up to embrace and encourage the use of several languages, even for the same guide. Any content on your guide can be translated into any language, and make it easy for you to do so.  

Direct Communication

We give you the possibility to communicate directly with your participants. By using push-technology, Cloud Guide send your messages directly into your guests’ devices, keeping them informed with what’s going on in your event. 

Content imports

If you have your own organization process or tool that already includes much of the information that building your guide needs, we make it easy for you to take advantage of that. Cloud Guide allows importing data from excel files so your work is as simplified as possible.